We are Meoncross

They say never work with children or animals. Well, having worked with the super talented students from Meoncross School, we have well and truly dispelled that myth. 

StudioMoo are incredibly proud to have directed and produced this exciting new promotional video for Meoncross School, in collaboration with the ever so talented videographer Oliver Bowhill. The filming for the video went fantastically well and that was largely down to all the Meoncross students and staff, who were extremely helpful and welcoming.

We are really chuffed with the video and believe it captures the confident and ‘quirky’ personality of the school. We hope you like it.


So who here like me is addicted to Instagram? What’s not to love? The endless feed of beautiful selfies, ‘Masterchef’ inspired plates of food, dogs, cats and post workout perfection. Seriously though, how can you look that good after a workout when I look like a sweaty mess in a blotchy shade of purple!

Okay, where am I going with this? For those of you with a real interest and passion in photography, I highly recommend making your way down to the Novium Museum in Chichester to view their newly launched exhibition ‘A Celebration of People and Places’. The exhibition showcases and celebrates an array of exquisite photography captured by the Chichester Camera Club. Spanning over 125 years, enthusiasts who from the club’s formation in 1893 have developed it to the thriving club we see today – one of the most successful Camera Clubs in the country. There’s so much wonderful photography on display. My personal highlights were the ‘Indian’ works of Peter Rocchiccioli and ‘Port in a Storm’ by Jim Munday.

We are incredibly proud to have worked on the design of this exhibition with the Novium Museum and be introduced to the fantastic works of the Chichester Camera Club. Take a break from ‘liking’ on Instagram and go ‘love’ some fantastic photography in person.

The exhibition runs till March 2019, is free admission and definitely worth the visit. 



Category: Community Relations Campaign 
Company: Chichester District Council 
Entry title: Against Litter 

We are really proud to have worked with Chichester District Council on the Against Litter campaign and to have played our part in making it an award winning success.

This well-planned campaign offers a solution combining a clear message – that littering is a crime and will be treated as one – with materials name-checking local areas to encourage grass-roots support. It used a clear three-step strategy with realistic communication objectives, resulting in strong community involvement and a reduction in offences. In particular, the judges were impressed by the campaign’s excellent use of consistent design which reinforced recognisability of a unified message over a wide range of media. ciprawards.co.uk/pride/south-england-channel-islands/results-2018/

Litter is a growing problem in the UK, and as the largest rural district council in the country, Chichester District Council (CDC) spend over £1m a year keeping their 303 square miles clean and tidy. Last year, an increase in the number of residents reporting concerns about littering and dog fouling meant swift action was needed to respond to this problem. 

Our brief was to devise an impactful, staged campaign that communicated that littering was a crime and encouraged residents and businesses to take action. A strong campaign creative platform was developed and a striking brand design in the form of a stamp.

The first stage needed to be hard hitting and inform people that littering and dog fouling is a ‘crime’ and so we arranged general litter, cigarette butts, larger refuse and dog poo to physically form the word ‘crime' and photographed it to create impactful campaign imagery. Don’t be alarmed – the dog poo image was largely digitally produced with the actual photograph being of dog poo bags filled with dirt. There’s a limit to how far we’ll go in the pursuit of creative excellence!

The second stage focused on community involvement. With CDC, we developed the  ‘adopt an area’ campaign assets, which encouraged residents to help keep the district beautiful and pledge their support by signing up online. A branded flag that could be personalised to different areas and was photographed ‘staked’ in the ground was massively successful in encouraging a sense of pride and ownership.   

The third stage (which came after the award submission) focussed on the problem of dog fouling and our office dog Melios was featured! 

Since launching the campaign:
– the council has seen a reduction in the amount of litter around the district;
– 164 areas have been adopted by residents, community groups and businesses;
– 335 people have signed up to the Green Dog Walkers’ scheme.

The campaign will continue into the new year with phase 4 tackling the issue of fly tipping.

Congratulations to CDC, the success of this campaign is testament to the dedication of all involved at every stage.


You better not cry. StudioMoo are telling you why... Santa Claus is coming to town.

It’s not just the elves that have been crazy busy on the run up to Christmas. We were thrilled to be appointed to shoot this year’s Christmas campaign video for NATS.

For those who don’t know, NATS is the lead Air Navigation Service Provider in the UK, providing air traffic control services for more than 6,000 movements a day in the UK airspace and the North Atlantic. They also have the very important job of keeping the skies safe for Santa.

The filming was set across 2 locations; an airport control tower and a shoot house. Filming in the airport control tower was a first and what an experience it was. We were blown away by the spectacular view. The lights from the controls, the runways and the planes were so naturally festive and sparkly, we could see how it was going to blend beautifully with the twinkling lights on a Christmas tree. 

Which leads us perfectly to the beautiful Belmont House in Salisbury. The perfect Christmas shoot house was given a festive makeover by the StudioMoo fairies complete with the biggest tree we’ve ever dressed. With the festive scene well and truly set, Harry, our adorable 7 year old model totally shone. He was such a pro and took direction so well. He was in awe of the NATS app, especially when Santa came onto screen, believing it was real. It was so cute that we had to be extra careful about not revealing the ultimate ‘spoiler’. Disaster and heart break averted, it was a wrap… and onto the voice over and edit.

So here it is... the final cut. It may only be 1 minute long but days & weeks went into the making of it and we’re absolutely thrilled to bits with the finished product. It’s received some amazing feedback on social media, here’s just a flavour:

‘It’s that time of year… And @NATS is doing it perfectly!’
‘What a fantastic advertisement @NATS Job well done guys’

and our personal favourite... ‘John Lewis Christmas advert? Pah! Nice one @NATS

A big thanks to the NATS marketing team, Pete Langdown Photography for the camera work, RLW Videography for the edit and all the many others that helped make it happen. Well deserved minced pies and eggnog for all.


Okay, here come the clichés... Got my mojo back. The creative juices are flowing. Back in the game. Smashed it. Love what you do, do what you love... 

Might just stop there.

So why the clichéd phrases? Well they pretty much sum up my excitement and re-ignited energy at having directed a photoshoot for a Men’s editorial – my first since leaving FatFace. Not a printed dress, checked shirt, cargo shorts or pair of flip flops in sight. Just some seriously sharp tailoring from the likes of Dunhill, Canali, Brooks Brothers, Richard James, Dashing Tweeds and Aquascutum. 

A new shoot team and new locations, not as tropical as I had become accustomed to but in it’s own way, London is even more special. The architecture in the city is simply stunning. Glass fronted buildings, hard shadows, concrete and metal structures provided the backdrop to the shots. Models aside, the featured ‘1965 Land Rover Series 2’ made a real impression. Not being a petrol-head or mechanically inclined, I’m not sure what the enthusiasts were going on about. I just know it looked awesome in the shots and gave the story a different dimension. Note to oneself – don’t ask a Land Rover enthusiast ‘Don’t they always break down?’

Needless to say I’m very excited to see the work published. Can’t show the final shots just yet but take a look at our Instagram feed @studiomoo_uk to see pics from behind the scenes. And definitely check out seancookphotography.co.uk – my partner in crime and photographer on this shoot.

Our Cover Star!

Our office dog, Melios, has made the cover of Chichester District Council's 'initiatives' magazine. As the face of the new 'Anti Dog Fouling Campaign' our little rescue is quite the star. Of course it helps when your Mummy is the designer and art director.


What if?

Do you take Janice to be your lawfully wedded ‘business partner’, to create and be bold, from this day forward... blah, blah... until declining marketing budgets do us part?

I do. I don’t know. I’m not sure?!?

A question and ongoing conversation that has taken place over many years and numerous bottles of Prosecco and Malbec. Seems obvious right? When you have two great things coming together, surely combined they’ll form something amazing. Having the passion and energy to bring success to other businesses and brands for over half my life, isn’t it about time I put that drive into our own business? Being my own boss, spending more time at home and not feeling guilty for being an invisible parent. Sounds perfect, where do I sign?

So what’s held me back all this time? Cheap cappuccinos? Loyalty? Job security and regular income? Had I become comfortable? Worries over the work/life divide blurring into one? Being in each other’s company 24/7? Not liking each others music tastes? Not having an IT department on hand – actually scrap that. What if... it doesn’t work?

But, what if it does work? What if opening Pandora’s box doesn’t result in chaos and marital bickering but a creative force that makes us unstoppable? Sometimes that decision you have so long deliberated is actually made for you and after the initial sting, you start believing what if... it was meant to be.

Well here I am, proud, excited and hungrier than ever to make StudioMoo a success story with my new business partner and definite, better half. 

What if... you were to join us on our creative journey?


Why StudioMoo?

I often get asked about our name. There are a few reasons why we settled on the name 'StudioMoo'.

Firstly, 'Moo' refers to our cat Milly who mostly gets called Mosey Moo and likes hanging out on our desks and even laptops whilst we work.

When setting up StudioMoo in 2016 we wanted to create a simple, monochrome brand. Too often we see lots of fancy graphics and fancy words that all adds to a colourful smokescreen and a lot of pretension. We wanted to cut through the crap with a black and white approach to design. Moo with it's association to cows seemed to fit on several levels and it stuck!


The Elizabeth Ilive Exhibition at Petworth House

My work here is done! Spent the morning putting the final touches to the Elizabeth Ilive exhibition at Petworth, National Trust which opens to the public this Saturday! I still can’t give too much away but here’s a few more sneak peeks...