Category: Community Relations Campaign 
Company: Chichester District Council 
Entry title: Against Litter 

We are really proud to have worked with Chichester District Council on the Against Litter campaign and to have played our part in making it an award winning success.

This well-planned campaign offers a solution combining a clear message – that littering is a crime and will be treated as one – with materials name-checking local areas to encourage grass-roots support. It used a clear three-step strategy with realistic communication objectives, resulting in strong community involvement and a reduction in offences. In particular, the judges were impressed by the campaign’s excellent use of consistent design which reinforced recognisability of a unified message over a wide range of media.

Litter is a growing problem in the UK, and as the largest rural district council in the country, Chichester District Council (CDC) spend over £1m a year keeping their 303 square miles clean and tidy. Last year, an increase in the number of residents reporting concerns about littering and dog fouling meant swift action was needed to respond to this problem. 

Our brief was to devise an impactful, staged campaign that communicated that littering was a crime and encouraged residents and businesses to take action. A strong campaign creative platform was developed and a striking brand design in the form of a stamp.

The first stage needed to be hard hitting and inform people that littering and dog fouling is a ‘crime’ and so we arranged general litter, cigarette butts, larger refuse and dog poo to physically form the word ‘crime' and photographed it to create impactful campaign imagery. Don’t be alarmed – the dog poo image was largely digitally produced with the actual photograph being of dog poo bags filled with dirt. There’s a limit to how far we’ll go in the pursuit of creative excellence!

The second stage focused on community involvement. With CDC, we developed the  ‘adopt an area’ campaign assets, which encouraged residents to help keep the district beautiful and pledge their support by signing up online. A branded flag that could be personalised to different areas and was photographed ‘staked’ in the ground was massively successful in encouraging a sense of pride and ownership.   

The third stage (which came after the award submission) focussed on the problem of dog fouling and our office dog Melios was featured! 

Since launching the campaign:
– the council has seen a reduction in the amount of litter around the district;
– 164 areas have been adopted by residents, community groups and businesses;
– 335 people have signed up to the Green Dog Walkers’ scheme.

The campaign will continue into the new year with phase 4 tackling the issue of fly tipping.

Congratulations to CDC, the success of this campaign is testament to the dedication of all involved at every stage.