What if?

Do you take Janice to be your lawfully wedded ‘business partner’, to create and be bold, from this day forward... blah, blah... until declining marketing budgets do us part?

I do. I don’t know. I’m not sure?!?

A question and ongoing conversation that has taken place over many years and numerous bottles of Prosecco and Malbec. Seems obvious right? When you have two great things coming together, surely combined they’ll form something amazing. Having the passion and energy to bring success to other businesses and brands for over half my life, isn’t it about time I put that drive into our own business? Being my own boss, spending more time at home and not feeling guilty for being an invisible parent. Sounds perfect, where do I sign?

So what’s held me back all this time? Cheap cappuccinos? Loyalty? Job security and regular income? Had I become comfortable? Worries over the work/life divide blurring into one? Being in each other’s company 24/7? Not liking each others music tastes? Not having an IT department on hand – actually scrap that. What if... it doesn’t work?

But, what if it does work? What if opening Pandora’s box doesn’t result in chaos and marital bickering but a creative force that makes us unstoppable? Sometimes that decision you have so long deliberated is actually made for you and after the initial sting, you start believing what if... it was meant to be.

Well here I am, proud, excited and hungrier than ever to make StudioMoo a success story with my new business partner and definite, better half. 

What if... you were to join us on our creative journey?