So who here like me is addicted to Instagram? What’s not to love? The endless feed of beautiful selfies, ‘Masterchef’ inspired plates of food, dogs, cats and post workout perfection. Seriously though, how can you look that good after a workout when I look like a sweaty mess in a blotchy shade of purple!

Okay, where am I going with this? For those of you with a real interest and passion in photography, I highly recommend making your way down to the Novium Museum in Chichester to view their newly launched exhibition ‘A Celebration of People and Places’. The exhibition showcases and celebrates an array of exquisite photography captured by the Chichester Camera Club. Spanning over 125 years, enthusiasts who from the club’s formation in 1893 have developed it to the thriving club we see today – one of the most successful Camera Clubs in the country. There’s so much wonderful photography on display. My personal highlights were the ‘Indian’ works of Peter Rocchiccioli and ‘Port in a Storm’ by Jim Munday.

We are incredibly proud to have worked on the design of this exhibition with the Novium Museum and be introduced to the fantastic works of the Chichester Camera Club. Take a break from ‘liking’ on Instagram and go ‘love’ some fantastic photography in person.

The exhibition runs till March 2019, is free admission and definitely worth the visit.